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  • Updated 11 days ago

    Dwellings stock in Exeter

    Exeter City Council
    Hosing stock in Exeter showing the dwellings, vacent dwellings and additional dwellings from 2004 to present. Source:
  • Created a month ago

    Postcode Level Electricity & Gas Statistics

    Exeter City Council
    Electricity: This dataset contains the 2016 statistics of domestic electricity consumption for postcodes in Great Britain.  This is for customers that have an additional off-peak electricity period, typically customers have a 7 hour off-peak period at night when their electric is cheaper Link: Gas: This dataset contains the 2017 statistics ...
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Exeter City Council Credit Card Payments

    Exeter City Council
    Exeter City Council Credit Card payements showing purchases by department. This includes the cost, department, descrption and the date of purchase.