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Created 2 months ago

This dataset contains a collection of indices for the city of Exeter by third party providers to get a feel for our city in numbers.

There are are wide variety of these metrics, so we have attempted to gather some of the more creditable ones into a single source for your convenience.

This is one of the most comprehensive indices in this dataset and is a must-read when trying to understand our city.

The TPI identifies the local conditions for wellbeing and measures whether those conditions are being delivered fairly and sustainably.

It consists of a broad set of indicators selected from datasets produced by established data agencies such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Public Health England (PHE) and the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). We select indicators that measure or provide a proxy for, the key factors known to have an influence on wellbeing. The TPI includes data for all upper and second tier Local Authorities in England and Wales.

Details of the methodology of this report can be found on the Thriving Places website.

The Sustainable growth index (SGI) ranks the local authority areas according to their average score across six different categories (baskets). Using these rankings, the SGI seeks to define and measure the components that create successful places.

Each basket is effectively an index in its own right, based on a set of specifically selected economic, social or environment data sets (indicators) that are nationally available and aims to answer a specific question:

Prosperity – Are we producing wealth and creating jobs?

Dynamism and opportunity – Are we developing an entrepreneurial and innovative culture to drive future growth?

Inclusion and equality – Are individuals benefiting from economic growth?

Health, wellbeing and happiness – Are our people living healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyles?

Resilience and sustainability – Are we creating places that people want to live in and are not damaging our natural environment?

Community, trust and belonging – Are people engaged with their community and living lively and creative cultural lives?

More detail on the methodology for this index can be found on Grant Thornton's website.